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man page of display-trueemu

display-trueemu: Emulate truecolor modes


display-trueemu - Emulate truecolor modes


display-trueemu : [-parent=<mode>] [-dither=<dither>] [-model=<model>] <target-spec>
Emulates truecolor modes (GT_TRUECOLOR) on another target which can only do palette modes or truecolor modes of different sizes/depths. Uses dithering and special palettes to get the highest possible quality.
-parent=<mode> Force the parent target to use a specific mode, specified as a standard LibGGI mode string (see libggi(7)). -dither=<dither> Specifies the amount of dithering. Legal values are 0, 2 and 4, defaulting to 4. When the target is running, Ctrl-Alt-d changes the dithering level. -model=<model> Color model to use (only when the parent is palettized). Legal values are rgb, cube and pastel. Default depends on the parent mode. When the target is running, Ctrl-Alt-p changes the current color model. target-spec Specifies the target which to draw on (the parent target). This defaults to automatic selection (just like using ggiOpen(NULL) when GGI_DISPLAY is not set).


o DirectBuffer never supported. o Unaccelerated. DISPLAY-TRUEEMU(7)

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