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display-tele: Forwards the display over a network


display-tele - Forwards the display over a network
display-tele: [inet]:<host>[:port] display-tele: unix:<file>
The tele target forwards the display over a network via TCP to a remote host. A ggiteleserver(1) must be running on the remote host where the final display resides. A normal GGI applications will then use the tele target to forward all graphic operations to the machine running the teleserver.


The argument to display-tele is the display to connect to, it has the format <type>:<specifier>. The available types are inet and unix. The specifier for type inet has the format hostname:port, and for type unix, it is a file. Some examples: - GGI_DISPLAY=tele:inet:localhost:27780 - GGI_DISPLAY=tele:: (inet is the default) - GGI_DISPLAY=tele:unix:/tmp/.tele0


o DirectBuffer never supported. o Accelerated if the remote display is.


ggiteleserver(1) DISPLAY-TELE(7)

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