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d_dxi: derivatives

d_dxi -- derivatives
form (const space V, const space& M, "d_dx0"); form (const space V, const space& M, "d_dx1"); form (const space V, const space& M, "d_dx2");


Assembly the form associated to a derivative operator from the V finite element space to the M one: / | d u b_i(u,q) = | ---- q dx, i = 0,1,2 | d xi / Omega In the axisymetric rz case, the form is defined by / | d u b_0(u,q) = | --- q r dr dz | d r / Omega If the V space is a P1 (resp. P2) finite element space, the M space may be a P0 (resp. P1d) one.


The following piece of code build the Laplacian form associated to the P1 approximation: geo omega ("square"); space V (omega, "P1"); space M (omega, "P0"); form b (V, M, "d_dx0");


Only edge, triangular and tetrahedal finite element meshes are yet supported. D_DXI(7)

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