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amanda-scripts: Configuring and using the Script API

amanda-scripts - Configuring and using the Script API


The Script API is a flexible system for invoking user-supplied scripts at various points in the execution of Amanda. This manual page describes the operation and configuration of the API. For help writing Script API scripts, see //wiki.zmanda.com/index.php/Script_API.


This section lists the scripts included with Amanda, see the individual man page for instructions on using them. For complete How-To information, consult the Amanda wiki at //wiki.zmanda.com. o amzfs-snapshot(8), - create/destroy zfs snapshot. o script-email(8), - send email. Script properties work just like application properties: they are insensitive to case, and - (dash) and _ (underscore) may be used interchangeably.


amanda(8), amanda.conf(5) The Amanda Wiki: : //wiki.zmanda.com/


Jean-Louis Martineau <martineau@zmanda.com> Zmanda, Inc. (//www.zmanda.com) Dustin J. Mitchell <dustin@zmanda.com> Zmanda, Inc. AMANDA-SCRIPTS(7)

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