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man page of ketm

ketm: Kill everything that moves


Ketm - Kill everything that moves


ketm [-hfjd(16|24|32)]


Status/Is it playable? A bit, but not much fun yet. (No real levels, just a testbed for the enemy-formations). Anyway its stable and runs without throwing coredumps around. Start the game with ketm. In the game you need only cursor-keys and space. With ESC you can abort a game.
-h <get this help> -f <fullscreen mode> -j <enable joystick-support (preliminary)> -d <enable debug messages (forced in this alpha version)> -16 <force 16 bit screen (default)> -24 <force 24 bit screen> -32 <force 32 bit screen> 0.0.6 KETM(6)

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