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man page of gltron

gltron: a tron-like 3D lightcycle game


gltron - a tron-like 3D lightcycle game
gltron [[-FftwbghcCsk1234simo]
glTron is a tron-like lightcycle game with a nice 3D perspective 3D acceleration is recommended. More information can be found at the gltron web site //www.gltron.org/


If the game refuses to start up, check your hardware settings and that the necessary libraries are installed. If the options are messed up, remove ~/.gltronrc and try again. Anything else check TODO, known bugs on the website, and lastly ask in #gltron on irc.freenode.net.


Valid command line options: -O enable software optimizations, useful if your card doesn't have OpenGL acceleration. For best results combine with -t and -1. -f fast finish after human has crashed -F don't display FPS counter -t don't display floor texture, use lines instead (huge speed gain) -w don't display walls (speed gain) -x don't show crash texture (speed gain) -g don't show glows (small speed gain) -c don't show ai status -C show ai status (default: on) -1 set resolution to 320x240 -2 set resolution to 640x480 (default) -3 set resolution to 800x600 -4 set resolution to 1024x768 -s don't play sound -h help


Updated with PROBLEMS section by Countersync <countersync@hotmail.com> before submission to upstream source. This manual page was written by Jeronimo Pellegrini <pellegrini@mpcnet.com.br>, based on the information in the package by Raphael Bossek, for the Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others). 2001-06-10 GLTRON(6)

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