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frozen-bubble-editor: a level editor for Frozen Bubble

frozen-bubble-editor - a level editor for Frozen Bubble
frozen-bubble-editor [OPTION]...


This editor lets you manipulate level-sets, in which you can add, remove and modify levels thanks to a mouse-oriented interface (there are also many interesting keyboard shortcuts). The interface is very straightforward: click on the written planches on the left an right parts of the screen to perform the relevant actions, and on the level area to change the bubble color; use the "void" bubble (or right-click) to remove a bubble.


-h, --help show command-line options summary -fs, --fullscreen start in fullscreen mode -lsFILENAME, --levelsetFILENAME directly start with the specified levelset name -lNUMB, --levelNUMB directly start the level number NUMB -cb, --colourblind use special bubbles for colourblind people


The following key shortcuts are available during level edition: F1 displays the help dialog p, h, left previous level n, l, right next level up first level down last level a append level i insert level d delete level ] move level right [ move level left j jump to level (after j, enter level number, then Return) o open levelset s save levelset f toggle fullscreen q, Escape quit During dialogs, you may use Return to accept and Escape to cancel.


Written by Kim Joham and David Joham <[k|d]joham at yahoo.com>. Integration work by Guillaume Cottenceau <guillaume.cottenceau at free.fr>. This manual page was written by Guillaume Cottenceau. Visit official homepage: //www.frozen-bubble.org/
Copyright (C) 2002, 2003 Kim Joham and David Joham <[k|d]joham at yahoo.com>. This is Free Software; this software is licensed under the GPL version 2, as published by the Free Software Foundation. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. FROZEN-BUBBLE-EDITOR(6)

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