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man page of frogatto

frogatto: 2D platformer game starring a quixotic frog


frogatto - 2D platformer game starring a quixotic frog


frogatto [ OPTIONS ]


frogatto is a platformer in the style of old arcade, Sega and Nintendo games. The world is viewed as a cross-section seen from the side, and your character walks and jumps between solid platforms whilst fighting monsters.


--fullscreen starts frogatto in fullscreen mode. --widescreen uses widescreen mode. --no-sound turns off sound. --no-music turns off music. --fps shows FPS. --no-fps doesn't show FPS. --debug prints debug informations. --no-debug doesn't print debug informations. --textures16, --textures32 uses 16 or 32 bits per pixes textures.
//www.frogatto.com/ FROGATTO(6)

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