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man page of freesci-setup

freesci-setup: graphical program to set up you freesci configuration


freesci-setup - graphical program to set up you freesci configuration
freesci-setup [ general tk and X options ] [ file ]
FreeSCI is a portable interpreter for SCI games, such as the Space Quest series (starting with SQ3) or Leisure Suit Larry (2 and sequels); see below for a complete listing. freesci-setup is a utility to help you write a configuration file for use with FreeSCI. It displays the available options and lets you easily select them.


freesci(6), freesci-tools(6).


Freesci-setup was written by Rune Orsval, with changes by Vyacheslav Dikonov. This manual page was prepared by Bas Zoetekouw <bas@debian.org>. June 22, 2005 FREESCI-SETUP(6)

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