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blockade [-Xopts][-level][-file][-sync][-nodeflev|-nostdlev][-new]


-->> blockade This is an X version of Christer Ericson's 'blockade' Macintosh game, written and put into public domain by der Mouse. A sliding block game where you push differently shaped blocks onto each other to change their shape or make them disappear with the aim of clearing the grid of blocks. Comes with 80 different screens and built- in help.


-display <display> Specifies X display to connect to. -geometry <geom> Specifies geometry of window. -visual <arg> Specifiesl visual to use. <arg> can be a visual ID number (such as can be found in the output from xdpyinfo) or a visual class name, such as PseudoColor, in which latter case blockade will pick whichever it likes best among the available visuals of that class. -web <url-prefix> Specifies webserver mode. In this mode, serves webpages where the game state is encoded into the URL; the string given will be prefixed to all served URLs and stripped from incoming URLs. It normally will be something like // when blockade is run as a server backing port 5678 on -background <color> -bg <color> Specifies background color. -foreground <color> -fg <color> Specifies foreground color. -bordercolor <color> -bd <color> Specifies border color. -borderwidth <width> -bw <width> Specifies border width in pixels. -name <name> Specifies name of window. -iconname <name> Specifies icon name of window. -font <fontname> -fn <fontname> Specifies font to use. -level <number> -level <name> Specifies level to start at. -file <filename> Specifies file of levels to use. The -file is optional unless the <filename> begins with a - character. -bwmode Forces blockade to run in black-and-white mode, regardless of whether a color visual is available. -sync Causes blockade to do synchronous X calls. -nodeflev -nostdlev Causes blockade to omit the built-in levels. When you use this you must supply at least one level file. -new Causes blockade to create any nonexistent level files you name. Normally nonexistent level files produce complaints and are otherwise ignored.


Any menu button can be invoked by holding down Control and typing the first character of the button label. There are three other control characters that do useful things, as listed in help screen #5.
You may obtain the latest version of blockade source via anonymous ftp from internet host ftp://ftp.rodents.montreal.qc.ca/mouse/games/
der Mouse October 28, 2004 BLOCKADE(6)

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