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an: Anagram generator

an - anagram generator
an [-w] [-c string] [-d dictionary] [-l number_words] [-m word_length] [-u string] [-n number_anagrams] [--words] [--contain string] [--dict dictionary] [--length number_words] [--minimum word_length] [--used string] [--number number_anagrams] [--help] [--version] PHRASE


an finds all anagrams which can be made from the letters in PHRASE, using words in the specified dictionary (default=/usr/share/dict/words).


-w, --words Print words that PHRASE letters can make, then exit. -c, --contain string Only print anagrams which contain string -d, --dict dictionary Use dictionary file to find words which letters in PHRASE can make -m, --minimum word_length Only uses words which are at least word_length long. -u, --used string Considers that letters in string have already used when analyzing letters in PHRASE -l, --length number_words Finds anagrams which have a maximum of number_words words in them, very useful when number of anagrams output is large. -n, --number number_anagrams Specifies number_anagrams as the maximum number of anagrams to find. --help Print a usage message on standard output then exit --version Print version information on standard output then exit


an -c acid 'Richard Jones' Finds anagrams for Richard Jones which contain the word acid AUTHORS Richard Jones (richard@deep-thought.org) - Coding and algorithm design. Julian Assange (proff@suburbia.net) - Algorithm design.


Copyright (c) Free Software Foundation, 1996. Copyright (c) Richard Jones 1995, 1996, All rights reserved.
Surely. Please report any bugs to richard@deep-thought.org Suggestions and contributions are also welcome. AN(6)

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