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man page of pygs

pygs: the PYthon Gateway Script


pygs -- the PYthon Gateway Script
pygs -t recipient@domain1 -s sender@domain2 [-e envelope@domain3] [-d] [-T] [-V] [-l logfile] [-w whitelist] [-h]
NOTE: this man page is to be continued :) pygs read from stdin a nntp article, sending it to recipient@domain1 a rfc822 compliant email setting Resent-Sender: sender@domain2 and envelope envelope@domain3 if exists, else sender@domain2.



There is some documetation in /urs/share/doc/pyg I created mailgate user (moderator of local.moderated ng). Every article posted in local.moderated is sent to mailgate, in its .procmailrc I've put: :0 bhc * ^To: *local-moderated | $HOME/pygs -t kalfa@localhost -e mailgate@students.cs.unibo.it -s 'cosimo@students.cs.unibo.it' where kalfa@localhost is the recipient (it usually is a mailing list) an header extract from kalfa@localhost mbox: From mailgate@students.cs.unibo.it From: whosentnntparticle@domain4 To: kalfa@localhost Resent-Sender: cosimo@students.cs.unibo.it note that sender and envelope are different. rfc822 says that Sender: have to be a human user (not a program or similia). envelope can mailgate user.


Cosimo Alfarano <alfarano@students.cs.unibo.it>


Boh. send any bug to the author , please. PYGS(5)

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