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vbox files

man page of vbox files

vbox files: file format

vbox files - file format


With version 2.0.0 of vbox the recorded files have a new header, that does not only include compression mode and connection information, but also information about the caller. The current headers hold this information: time of recording the message, compression mode, CALLER ID, name, telephone number, city With this information it's possible for other programs to get the information about a message. The detailed format is described in the file libvbox.h as structure vaheader_t (this file is not included in debian gnu/linux; if you want to develop isdn programs you should get the source code).


autovbox(1), vboxtoau(1), vboxmode(1), vboxcnvt(1)


This manual page was written by Andreas Jellinghaus <aj@dungeon.inka.de>, for Debian GNU/Linux and isdn4linux. VBOX FILES(5)

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