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man page of ucimf.conf

ucimf.conf: ucimf configuration files


ucimf.conf - ucimf configuration files


ucimf.conf can be used either as /etc/ucimf.conf as a system wide configuration or $HOME/.ucimf.conf as a per-user configuration. ucimf uses UCIMF_FONTPATH to set unicode font to use. For example: UCIMF_FONTPATH = /usr/share/ucimf/unifont.pcf and font size can be set by FONT_WIDTH and FONT_HEIGHT: FONT_WIDTH = 24 FONT_HEIGHT = 24 Input method framework modules of UCIMF search path is set by IMF_MODULE_DIR: IMF_MODULE_DIR=/usr/lib/ucimf/


ucimf(1), ucimf_keyboard(1), ucimf.conf(5).
libucimf was written by Chun-Yu Lee (Mat) <MatLinuxer2@gmail.com> and Jim Huang <jserv.tw@gmail.com>. This manual page was written by Aron Xu <happyaron.xu@gmail.com>, for the Debian project (and may be used by others). January 29, 2010 UCIMF.CONF(5)

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