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raidfile.conf: Userland RAID for Box Backup


raidfile.conf - Userland RAID for Box Backup




The raidfile.conf is usually generated by raidfile-config(8) but may be manually edited if the store locations move or if more than one disc set is required. discX Specifies a set of discs. SetNumber The set number of the RAID disc, referenced by each account. BlockSize The block size of the file system (usually 2048). Under BSD with FFS, set this to your file system's fragment size (most likely an 8th of the block size). Dir0 The first directory in the RAID array. Dir1 The second directory in the RAID array. If you do not wish to use the built-in RAID functionality, this field should be set to the same as Dir0. You should not use the built-in RAID if you have a hardware RAID solution or if you're using another type of software RAID (like md on Linux). Dir2 The third directory in the RAID array. The same notes that apply to Dir2 also apply to Dir3.


raidfile-config(8), bbstored.conf(5)
Ben Summers Per Thomsen James O'Gorman RAIDFILE.CONF(5)

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