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partimagedusers: list of allowed users.


partimagedusers - list of allowed users.


The partimagedusers This file lists all local users that are allowed to connect to partimaged. This file must belong to user "partimag" and must have permissions -rw------- or -r-------. The configuration file consists of a set of lines. All empty lines will be ignored. Comments begin with a #, and everything on the line afterwards is ignored. Put all allowed users on the remaining lines, one login per line.
# # Sample users list for partimaged # We only allow user2 and user6 to connect partimaged # from partimage user2 user6 # end of list
partimage(1), partimaged(8), partimaged-passwd(5)


Franck Ladurelle <ladurelf@partimage.org> PARTIMAGEDUSERS(5)

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