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hobbitcgi.cfg: Command-line parameters for the Xymon CGI tools


hobbitcgi.cfg - Command-line parameters for the Xymon CGI tools


hobbitcgi.cfg(1) controls the commandline options passed to all of the Xymon CGI tools through their respective shell-script wrappers. Typically the options listed here are used for system-wide configuration of the CGI utilities, e.g. to define where they read configuration files. The exact set of commandline options available are described in the man-page for each of the CGI utilities. The file is "sourced" into the shell script wrapper, so assignments to the CGI-specific variables must follow standard shell-script syntax.
CGI_ACKINFO_OPTS Options for the hobbit-ackinfo.cgi(1) utility. CGI_ACK_OPTS Options for the bb-ack.cgi(1) utility. CGI_CSVINFO_OPTS Options for the bb-csvinfo.cgi(1) utility. CGI_DATEPAGE_OPTS Options for the bb-datepage.cgi(1) utility. CGI_ENADIS_OPTS Options for the hobbit-enadis.cgi(8) utility. CGI_EVENTLOG_OPTS Options for the bb-eventlog.cgi(1) utility. CGI_FINDHOST_OPTS Options for the bb-findhost.cgi(1) utility. CGI_HIST_OPTS Options for the bb-hist.cgi(1) utility. CGI_HOBBITCOLUMN_OPTS Xymon-specific options for column documentation. This uses the bb-csvinfo.cgi(1) utility with the server/etc/columndoc.cfg configuration file. CGI_HOBBITCONFREPORT_OPTS Options for the hobbit-confreport.cgi(1) utility. CGI_HOBBITGRAPH_OPTS Options for the hobbitgraph.cgi(1) utility. CGI_HOSTGRAPHS_OPTS Options for the hobbit-hostgraphs.cgi(1) utility. CGI_NKEDIT_OPTS Options for the hobbit-nkedit.cgi(1) utility. CGI_NKVIEW_OPTS Options for the hobbit-nkview.cgi(1) utility. CGI_REPLOG_OPTS Options for the bb-replog.cgi(1) utility. CGI_REP_OPTS Options for the bb-rep.cgi(1) utility. CGI_SNAPSHOT_OPTS Options for the bb-snapshot.cgi(1) utility. CGI_SVCHIST_OPTS Options for the hobbitsvc.cgi(1) utility when used to view historical logs. Note that the "--historical" option must be included in this setting. CGI_SVC_OPTS Options for the hobbitsvc.cgi(1) utility.


xymon(7), the individual CGI utility man-pages. HOBBITCGI.CFG(5)

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