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dtaus: Converter for DTAUS files


dtaus - Converter for dtaus files


The dtaus(1) program reads and writes German DTAUS files. DTAUS is an semi-acronym for DatenTragerAUStausch. It is used by German credit institutes in order to implement money exchanges between accounts and credit institutes. These files are always called DTAUS0.TXT. Since they are shipped in a weird ascii format that is not quite readable and writable for human beings a special control format was invented. The dtaus(1) program reads and writes such a control file and generates a proper DTAUS file if requested or decodes one.
The control file implements a very simple format which was invented only for use with the dtaus(1) program. Like with many *nix configuration files empty lines and those beginning with a hash mark (''#'') are ignored. The remaining file is splitted into three major parts: one BEGIN record (representing the A record), several regular records (representing C records) and one optional END record (representing the E record), which is ignored when the control file is read but is extracted from the bank file if one is decoded. Here's a short sample for a control file: BEGIN { Art type Name Martin Schulze Konto 123545 BLZ 2004002 Ausfuehrung 23.12.2001 Euro } { Transaktion transaction Name Martha Schulze Konto 98832 BLZ 2004003 Betrag 20.00 Zweck Gebuhr Wohnheimnetz Text AnschluB u. 11+12.97 } ... Please note that several field names are used in both the BEGIN and the regular record. When used in the BEGIN record they denote your name and your bank account. When used in a regular record they are affiliated with your customers data. You may use up to 15 fields entitled as Text. They will be recorded one by one and stored into additional data records using the same order. This way you could add a detailed description of the type of money transfer if you like. The contents of the field Zweck are most probably what the customer will see on their bank statements. The field Ausfuehrung is optional and denotes the day when the entire transaction should be processed. The date has to be given as DD.MM.YYYY and will be translated into the resulting bank file literally. It may not be younger than the creation date of the file which will automatically be inserted by dtaus(1). The processing date also may not be more than 15 years later than the creation date. Explanation of type One of the following: LK Lastschrift Kundenseitig GK Gutschrift Kundenseitig LB Lastschrift Bankseitig GB Gutschrift Bankseitig Explanation of transaction One of the following: Einzug Bankeinzug Gutschrift Uberweisung Verm"
dtaus(1). DTAUS files use a special but simple and publically documented format. It is included in the distribution of dtaus(1) as dtaus.txt. 17 November 2001 DTAUS(5)

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