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man page of bicgstab

bicgstab: bi-conjugate gradient stabilized method

bicgstab - bi-conjugate gradient stabilized method


int bicgstab (const Matrix &A, Vector &x, const Vector &b, const Preconditioner &M, int &max_iter, Real &tol);


The simplest call to 'bicgstab' has the folling form: int status = bicgstab(a, x, b, EYE, 100, 1e-7);


bicgstab solves the unsymmetric linear system Ax = b using the preconditioned bi-conjugate gradient stabilized method The return value indicates convergence within max_iter (input) iterations (0), or no convergence within max_iter iterations (1). Upon successful return, output arguments have the following values: x approximate solution to Ax = b max_iter the number of iterations performed before the tolerance was reached tol the residual after the final iteration NOTE: BICGSTAB(5)

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