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bdii: configuration files

bdii - configuration files


bdii-update.conf Configuration for bdii-update: a list of source URLs for resource information. Format: one unique name + one URL per line, shell-style commented. For a site-level BDII each name represents a grid resource provided by the site, for a top-level BDII each name represents a whole site. Typical content of a bdii-update.conf file for a site-level BDII: CE ldap://ce.example.com:2135/Mds-Vo-name=local,o=Grid SE ldap://se.example.com:2135/Mds-Vo-name=local,o=Grid RB ldap://rb.example.com:2135/Mds-Vo-name=local,o=Grid NOTE: when BDII_AUTO_UPDATE is set to yes in bdii.conf, this file will be periodically overwritten with the document referred to by the BDII_UPDATE_URL. bdii.conf Configuration set up parameters for bdii, bdii-fwd, and bdii-update. Format: attribute=value shell variable assignments, with case-sensitive attributes, shell-style commented BDII_PORT_READ BDII LDAP service port exposed to the outside. Allowed values: 1-65536, but may not overlap with the BDII_PORTS_WRITE Typical value: 2170 BDII_PORTS_WRITE Ports used to connect to any of the set of slapd servers that host the directory content. At any time the port of the most up-to-date slapd is used as a backend by the bdii-fwd service to link to the BDII service port $BDII_PORT_READ. The slapd databases are updated cyclically, with each instance being used for up to a few minutes. Allowed values: space separated and quoted list of non-identical ports, each between 1-65535, non overlapping with BDII_PORT_READ Typical value: "2171 2172 2173" BDII_USER Username under which the bdii-related processes run. This user will own the slapd databases. Typical value: edguser BDII_BIND DN of the top of the DIT used to publish the information through this bdii. Allowed values: any DN that is compatible with the schemas installed. Typical values: "Mds-Vo-name=example.com, o=Grid" for a site-level BDII "Mds-Vo-name=local, o=Grid" for a top-level BDII BDII_PASSWD Password used to access the backend slapd servers, used both to configure the slapd instances and in the bdii update script to access the same. Allowed values: any string, shell meta-characters must be escaped. Typical value: site specific BDII_SEARCH_FILTER Filter used in queries to underlying information sources Allowed values: valid LDAP search filter Typical value: '*' (quoted asterisk) BDII_SEARCH_TIMEOUT Maximum amount in seconds to wait for a response from an underlying information source. Allowed values: non-negative integer Typical value: 30 BDII_BREATHE_TIME Period between BDII updates in seconds Allowed values: non-negative integer Typical value: 60 BDII_AUTO_UPDATE Flag to determine whether or not to periodically refresh the list of information sources from the $BDII_UPDATE_URL. Allowed values: yes or no. Typical value: usually follows from the role of this BDII, with 'no' for site- and 'yes' for top-level BDIIs. BDII_DIR Directory used as a base for locating the slapd databases and logfiles. Allowed values: pathname Typical value: /opt/bdii BDII_UPDATE_URL URL of a document containing a bdii-update.conf file. Allowed values: http or https URL Typical value: //some.host.some.domain/some/path/all-sites.conf BDII_PROXY Path to a proxy derived from the host certificate, to be made available to info providers that query secure services. Allowed values: full path to file, or empty to disable the feature Typical value: /opt/bdii/var/hostproxy (default) SLAPD_SYSLOG_LEVEL Loglevel for the OpenLDAP server. Please see the man page for slapd.conf when specifying this value. Be sure to have the syslog facility configured to accept log messages from the slapd daemon. A level of 0 disables logging (default). SLAPD Path of the slapd daemon installed by the third-party openldap-servers package. Allowed value: path to a valid slapd executable Typical value: /usr/sbin/slapd SLAPADD Path of the slapadd command installed by the third-party openldap-servers package. Allowed values: path to a valid slapadd executable Typical value: /usr/sbin/slapadd Typical content for a top-level BDII: BDII_PORT_READ=2170 BDII_PORTS_WRITE="2171 2172 2173" BDII_USER=edguser BDII_BIND="Mds-Vo-name=local, o=Grid" BDII_PASSWD=secret BDII_SEARCH_FILTER='*' BDII_SEARCH_TIMEOUT=30 BDII_BREATHE_TIME=60 BDII_AUTO_UPDATE=yes BDII_DIR=/opt/bdii/ BDII_UPDATE_URL=//some.host.some.domain/some/path/all-sites.conf SLAPD=/usr/sbin/slapd SLAPADD=/usr/sbin/slapadd Typical content for a site-level BDII: BDII_PORT_READ=2170 BDII_PORTS_WRITE="2171 2172 2173" BDII_USER=edguser BDII_BIND="Mds-Vo-name=example.com, o=Grid" BDII_PASSWD=secret BDII_SEARCH_FILTER='*' BDII_SEARCH_TIMEOUT=30 BDII_BREATHE_TIME=60 BDII_AUTO_UPDATE=no BDII_DIR=/opt/bdii/ BDII_UPDATE_URL= SLAPD=/usr/sbin/slapd SLAPADD=/usr/sbin/slapadd


List of schemas describing the contents of the BDII. The schemas are not provided by the BDII system but supplied by other packages. This file contains the pathnames of those external schema files. Format: one pathname per line, each pointing to a schema file. Typical content for the schemas file: /etc/openldap/schema/core.schema /opt/glue/schema/ldap/Glue-CORE.schema /opt/glue/schema/ldap/Glue-CE.schema /opt/glue/schema/ldap/Glue-SE.schema /opt/glue/schema/ldap/Glue-CESEBIND.schema /opt/lcg/schema/ldap/SiteInfo.schema


File containing the target port number of the bdii-fwd port forwarding service. Format: a single integer between 1 - 65535, terminated by a newline. Typical content: Written automatically by the bdii-update service. Should not be set by the user. BDII(5)

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