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bbstored.conf: Box Backup store daemon configuration file

bbstored.conf - Box Backup store daemon configuration file


The following configuration options are valid: RaidFileConf Specifies the path to the raidfile.conf(5). This is normally /etc/box/raidfile.conf. AccountDatabase Specifies the path to the account database created by bbstoreaccounts(8). This is usually /etc/box/bbstored/accounts.txt. ExtendedLogging Specifies whether extended logging should be enabled to show what commands are being received from clients. TimeBetweenHousekeeping How long between scanning for files which need deleting. Server These options relate to the actual daemon..PP PidFile The location of the pidfile, where the daemon's process ID is kept. User The user to run as. ListenAddresses The interface addresses to listen on. Hostnames may be used instead of IP addresses. The format is: inet:hostname or inet: CertificateFile The path to the server's public certificate. PrivateKeyFile The path to the server's private key. This should only be readable by root and/or the User. TrustedCAsFile The Certificate Authority created by bbstored-certs(8).


The following is an example bbstored.conf: RaidFileConf = /etc/box/raidfile.conf AccountDatabase = /etc/box/bbstored/accounts.txt TimeBetweenHousekeeping = 900 Server { PidFile = /var/run/bbstored.pid User = _bbstored ListenAddresses = inet:server.example.com CertificateFile = /etc/box/bbstored/server.example.com-cert.pem PrivateKeyFile = /etc/box/bbstored/server.example.com-key.pem TrustedCAsFile = /etc/box/bbstored/clientCA.pem }




bbstored(8), bbstored-config(8), raidfile-config(8)
Ben Summers Per Thomsen James O'Gorman BBSTORED.CONF(5)

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