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man page of apt-dater.conf

apt-dater.conf: configuration file of apt-dater(8)

apt-dater.conf - configuration file of apt-dater(8)
[Section] parameter=value parameter=value;value;...;


The file apt-dater.conf is the configuration file for apt-dater(8). apt-dater(8) is a program to manage package updats on a large number of remote hosts using SSH. This man page descripes briefly the parameters of the file apt-dater.conf. The default location of this file is $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/apt-dater/hosts.conf. The syntax of the configuration file is the syntax of glib keyfiles.


Section [Paths] HostsFile=$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/apt-dater/hosts.conf The location of the file contains all host which will be managed with apt-dater. (optional) StatsDir=$XDG_DATA_HOME/apt-dater The location of the directory which contains the status files of any host. (optional) Section [Screen] RCFile=$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/apt-dater/screenrc Location of screen(1) config file. (optional) Title=%m # %u@%h:%p Template for screen titles using string escapes. (optional) NoDumps=false Enables/disables support of screen dumps. (optional) QueryMaintainer=0 If set to 1, apt-dater will ask for the maintainers name on startup. If set to 2, apt-dater will only ask if no MAINTAINER environment variable is set. Section [SSH] Cmd=/usr/bin/ssh The location of ssh-client binary. SFTPCmd The command to initiate sftp file transfer e.g. /usr/bin/sftp OptionalCmdFlags Additional ssh-client command flags, which will be appended. SpawnAgent=false If enabled, apt-dater tries to spawn ssh-agent(1) if none is already running. ssh-add(1) will be called to load your private keys. AddKeys List of private keys which should be loaded when apt-dater calls ssh-add(1). Section [Commands] CmdRefresh=sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude -s -y -v upgrade The command which will be used to refresh the status of the managed host. CmdUpgrade=sudo aptitude upgrade The command which will be used to intitate a upgrade of a managed host. CmdInstall=sudo aptitude install %s The command which will be used to update a single package. %s will be replaced by the name of the package. Section [Appearance] Colors Set your own color style of the ui components. To highlight colors you can use the bright* keyword. Example: Colors=menu brightgreen blue;status brightgreen blue;selector black red; . Components are: default menu status selector hoststatus query input Colors are: default black cyan green magenta red white yellow Section [AutoRef] enabled=true Enabled the auto refresh feature if compiled in (see README.autoref). Section [Notify] bell=true Enables user notification by terminal bell. flash=true Enables user notification by terminal flashing. Section [History] record=true Enables session recording using script(1). (Optional) Section [Hooks] PreUpdate=/etc/apt-dater/pre-upg.d, PreRefresh=/etc/apt-dater/pre-ref.d, PreInstall=/etc/apt-dater/pre-ins.d, PreConnect=/etc/apt-dater/pre-con.d, PostUpdate=/etc/apt-dater/post-upg.d, PostRefresh=/etc/apt-dater/post-ref.d, PostInstall=/etc/apt-dater/post-ins.d, PostConnect=/etc/apt-dater/post-con.d Hooks to be run before and after an action on a host is done. The values should be path names, any executable script within these directories will be run by run-parts(8).


apt-dater(8) provides an string escape mechanism. The escape character is '%'. .sp Table 1. List of supported escapes. +-------+------------------+ |escape | replaced by | +-------+------------------+ |% | escape character | +-------+------------------+ |h | hostname | +-------+------------------+ |m | maintainer name | +-------+------------------+ |p | SSH port number | +-------+------------------+ |u | SSH username | +-------+------------------+


apt-dater.conf The configuration file of apt-dater. hosts.conf Contains all hosts you would like to manage.
apt-dater(8), aptitude(1), apt-get(1), debtrack, screen(1), script(1), ssh(1), XDG Base Directory Specification[1].
Copyright (C) 2008-2009 IBH IT-Service GmbH [//www.ibh.de/]


1. XDG Base Directory Specification //www.freedesktop.org/Standards/basedir-spec [FIXME: source] May 23, 2009 APT-DATER.CONF(5)

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