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approx.conf: configuration file for approx proxy server


approx.conf - configuration file for approx proxy server
Each non-blank line of the configuration file should contain a name/value pair, separated by white space. Comments start with a "#" character and continue to the end of the line. Names that begin with the "$" character are reserved for use as configuration parameters. The following parameters are currently defined: $cache Specifies the location of the approx cache directory (default: /var/cache/approx). It and all its subdirectories must be owned by the approx server (see also the $user and $group parameters, below.) $interval Specifies the time in minutes after which a cached file will be considered too old to deliver without first checking with the remote repository for a newer version (default: 720, or 12 hours) $max_rate Specifies the maximum download rate from remote repositories, in bytes per second (default: unlimited). The value may be suffixed with "K", "M", or "G" to indicate kilobytes, megabytes, or gigabytes per second, respectively. $max_redirects Specifies the maximum number of HTTP redirections that will be followed when downloading a remote file (default: 5) $user, $group Specifies the user and group that owns the files in the approx cache (default: approx) $syslog Specifies the syslog(3) facility to use when logging (default: daemon) $pdiffs Specifies whether to support IndexFile diffs (default: true) $offline Specifies whether to deliver (possibly out-of-date) cached files when they cannot be downloaded from remote repositories (default: false) $max_wait Specifies how many seconds an approx(8) process will wait for a concurrent download of a file to complete, before attempting to download the file itself (default: 10) $verbose Specifies whether informational messages should be printed in the log (default: false) $debug Specifies whether debugging messages should be printed in the log (default: false) The other name/value pairs are used to map distribution names to remote repositories. For example, debian //ftp.debian.org/debian security //security.debian.org/debian-security


approx(8), approx-gc(8)


Eric Cooper <ecc@cmu.edu> May 2011 APPROX.CONF(5)

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