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zip_stat ,: .Nm zip_stat_index get information about file


zip_stat , - .Nm zip_stat_index get information about file


libzip (-lzip)


#include <zip.h> int zip_stat(struct zip *archive, const char *fname, int flags, struct zip_stat *sb); int zip_stat_index(struct zip *archive, int index, int flags, struct zip_stat *sb);
The zip_stat function obtains information about the file named fname in archive. The flags argument specifies how the name lookup should be done. Its values are described in zip_name_locate(3). Also, ZIP_FL_UNCHANGED may be or'ed to it to request information about the original file in the archive, ignoring any changes made. The zip_stat_index function obtains information about the file at position index. The sb argument is a pointer to a struct zip_stat (shown below), into which information about the file is placed. struct zip_stat { const char *name; /* name of the file */ int index; /* index within archive */ unsigned int crc; /* crc of file data */ unsigned int size; /* size of file (uncompressed) */ time_t mtime; /* modification time */ unsigned int comp_size; /* size of file (compressed) */ unsigned short comp_method; /* compression method used */ unsigned short encryption_method; /* encryption method used */ };
Upon successful completion 0 is returned. Otherwise, -1 is returned and the error information in archive is set to indicate the error.


The function zip_stat can fail for any of the errors specified for the routine zip_name_locate(3). The function zip_stat_index fails and sets the error information to ZIP_ER_INVAL if index is invalid. If ZIP_FL_UNCHANGED is not set and no information can be obtained from the source callback, the error information is set to ZIP_ER_CHANGED.


libzip(3), zip_name_locate(3), zip_stat_init(3)


Dieter Baron <dillo@giga.or.at> and Thomas Klausner <tk@giga.or.at> ZIP_STAT ,(3)

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