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zip_add ,

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zip_add ,: .Nm zip_replace add file to zip archive or replace file in zip archive


zip_add , - .Nm zip_replace add file to zip archive or replace file in zip archive


libzip (-lzip)
#include <zip.h> int zip_add(struct zip *archive, const char *name); "struct zip_source *source" int zip_replace(struct zip *archive, int index); "struct zip_source *source"
The function zip_add adds a file to a zip archive, while zip_replace replaces an existing file in a zip archive. The argument archive specifies the zip archive to which the file should be added. name is the file's name in the zip archive (for zip_add ), while index specifies which file should be replaced (for zip_replace ). The data is obtained from the source argument. See the zip_source_* functions cited in SEE ALSO.


Upon successful completion, the index of the new file in the archive is returned. Otherwise, -1 is returned and the error code in archive is set to indicate the error.


struct zip_source *s; if ((s=zip_source_buffer(archive, buffer, len)) == NULL || zip_add(archive, name, s) 0) { zip_source_free(s); printf("error adding file: %s0, zip_strerror(archive)); }


zip_add and zip_replace fail if: [ZIP_ER_EXISTS] There is already a file called name in the archive. (Only applies to zip_add ). [ZIP_ER_INVAL] source or name are NULL, or index is invalid. [ZIP_ER_MEMORY] Required memory could not be allocated.


libzip(3), zip_source_file(3), zip_source_filep(3), zip_source_function(3), zip_source_zip(3)
Dieter Baron <dillo@giga.or.at> and Thomas Klausner <tk@giga.or.at> ZIP_ADD ,(3)

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