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yecc: LALR-1 Parser Generator

yecc - LALR-1 Parser Generator
An LALR-1 parser generator for Erlang, similar to yacc. Takes a BNF grammar definition as input, and produces Erlang code for a parser. To understand this text, you also have to look at the yacc documentation in the UNIX(TM) manual. This is most probably necessary in order to understand the idea of a parser generator, and the principle and problems of LALR parsing with finite look-ahead.


file(Grammarfile [, Options]) -> YeccRet Types Grammarfile = filename() Options = Option | [Option] Option = - see below - YeccRet = {ok, Parserfile} | {ok, Parserfile, Warnings} | error | {error, Warnings, Errors} Parserfile = filename() Warnings = Errors = [{filename(), [ErrorInfo]}] ErrorInfo = {ErrorLine, module(), Reason} ErrorLine = integer() Reason = - formatable by format_error/1 - Grammarfile is the file of declarations and grammar rules. Returns ok upon success, or error if there are errors. An Erlang file containing the parser is created if there are no errors. The options are:

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