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man page of vf_get_property_ex

vf_get_property_ex: vf_get_property_ex()


vf_get_property_ex - vf_get_property_ex()


#include <../vformat/vf_iface.h> extern bool_t vf_get_property_ex ( VF_PROP_T **pp_prop, VF_OBJECT_T *p_object, vf_get_t ops, const char *p_group, const char *p_name, const char *p_qualifier, char args );


VF_PROP_T **pp_prop Output pointer. VF_OBJECT_T *p_object Object to search. vf_get_t ops Search flags. const char *p_group Group name if any. const char *p_name Name of tag. const char *p_qualifier First qualifier if any. char args Argument list.
The grunt behind vf_get_property(). Manages the search as described vf_get_property() but takes the list of arguments as a va_list. This function should be used when writing higher layer functions which take varargs (eg. DDX functions).
TRUE iff found/added successfully. Ptr to prop returned via pp_prop.


vf_parse_init(3), vf_parse_text(3), vf_parse_end(3), vf_read_file(3), vf_write_file(3), vf_get_next_object(3), vf_create_object(3), vf_get_object_type(3), vf_get_property(3), vf_get_next_property(3), vf_get_prop_value(3), vf_set_prop_value(3), vf_get_prop_value_string(3), vf_get_prop_name_string(3), vf_set_prop_name_string(3), vf_get_prop_name(3), vf_get_prop_value_object(3), vf_set_prop_value_object(3), vf_set_prop_value_string(3), vf_set_prop_value_base64(3), vf_get_prop_value_base64(3), vf_set_property_from_file(3), vf_delete_object(3), vf_delete_prop(3), vf_find_prop_qual_index(3), vf_is_modified(3), vf_find_charset(3), vf_date_string_to_time(3), vf_period_string_to_time(3), vf_period_time_to_string(3), vf_set_prop_value_time(3), vf_get_prop_value_time(3) VF_GET_PROPERTY_EX(3)

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