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vec: dense vector

vec - dense vector
The class implements an array. A declaration whithout any parametrers correspond to an array with a null size: vec<Float> x; Here, a Float array is specified. Note that the Float depends upon the configuration (see . Installing}'). The constructor can be invocated whith a size parameter: vec<Float> x(n); Notes that the constructor can be invocated with an initializer: vec<Float> y = x; or Float lambda = 1.3; vec<Float> y = lambda; Assignments are x = y; or x = lambda; Linear combinations are x+y, x-y, x*lambda, lambda*x, x/lambda. Others combinations are x*y, x/y, lambda/x. The euclidian norm is norm(x) while dot(x,y) denotes the euclidian scalar product, Input/output routines overload "<<" and ">>" operators: cin >> x; and cout << x; See iorheo(3).


Since the vec<T> class derives from the Array<T> class, the vec class present also a STL-like container interface. Actually, the vec<T> implementation uses a STL vector<T> class.


template <class T> class vec : public Array<T> { public: typedef T element_type; typedef typename Array<T>::size_type size_type; // cstor, assignment explicit vec (unsigned int n = 0, const T& init_value = std::numeric_limits<T>::max()) : Array<T>(n, init_value) {} vec<T> operator = (T lambda); // accessors unsigned int size () const { return Array<T>::size(); } unsigned int n () const { return size(); } #ifdef _RHEOLEF_HAVE_EXPRESSION_TEMPLATE template <class X> vec(const VExpr<X>& x) : Array<T>(x.size()) { assign (*this, x); } template <class X> vec<T>& operator = (const VExpr<X>& x) { logmodif(*this); return assign (*this, x); } #endif // _RHEOLEF_HAVE_EXPRESSION_TEMPLATE }; // io routines template <class T> std::istream& operator >> (std::istream&, vec<T>&); template <class T> std::ostream& operator << (std::ostream&, const vec<T>&);


iorheo(3) VEC(3)

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