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man page of rapi_connection_from_name

rapi_connection_from_name: obtain connection for RAPI function calls


rapi_connection_from_name - obtain connection for RAPI function calls


#include <rapi.h> RapiConnection *rapi_connection_from_name(const char *device_name); RapiConnection *rapi_connection_from_info(SynceInfo *info); void rapi_connection_select(RapiConnection *connection); void rapi_connection_destroy(RapiConnection *connection); HRESULT CeRapiInit(); STDAPI CeRapiUninit();
The rapi_connection_from_info() function returns a pointer to a newly allocated RapiConnection struct, used for remote function calls to a mobile device. The RapiConnection keeps a pointer to the SynceInfo struct but does not copy it, therefore freeing the SynceInfo before the RapiConnection is not recommended. rapi_connection_from_name() accomplishes the same for the connected device named device_name. Refer to synce_info_new(3) for insight on how this name and the connection daemon in use can affect the device contacted. rapi_connection_select() allows for selection between multiple active connections. NULL can be passed to result in no active connection. rapi_connection_destroy() frees a RapiConnection. This should not be called before CeRapiUninit(). CeRapiInit() connects the current RapiConnection to it's mobile device. If already initialised, CERAPI_E_ALREADYINITIALIZED is returned. CeRapiUninit() destroys the connection for the current RapiConnection. The RapiConnection cannot be re-initialised, it must be destroyed. An example of using multiple devices follows. /* * SynCE support for switching between multiple devices * * Example code for two devices follows! * * It shows two different ways to get a RapiConnection object. * */ RapiConnection* a = rapi_connection_from_name("device_a"); rapi_connection_select(a); CeRapiInit() SynceInfo* info_b = synce_info_new("device_b"); RapiConnection* b = rapi_connection_from_info(info_b); rapi_connection_select(b); CeRapiInit() rapi_connection_select(a); ...some RAPI calls to device A... rapi_connection_select(b); ...some RAPI calls to device B... rapi_connection_select(a); CeRapiUninit(); rapi_connection_destroy(a); rapi_connection_select(b); CeRapiUninit(); rapi_connection_destroy(b); synce_info_destroy(info_b);
rapi_connection_from_name() and rapi_connection_from_info() return a pointer to a new RapiConnection. CeRapiInit() and CeRapiUninit() return S_OK on success or an error code on failure.


This manual page was written by Mark Ellis <mark_ellis@users.sourceforge.net>.


synce(7), synce_info_new(3), odccm(1), vdccm(1) RAPI_CONNECTION_FROM_NAME(3)

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