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man page of ttk::radiobutton

ttk::radiobutton: Mutually exclusive option widget


ttk::radiobutton - Mutually exclusive option widget
ttk::radiobutton pathName ?options?
radiobutton widgets are used in groups to show or change a set of mutually-exclusive options. Radiobuttons are linked to a Tcl variable, and have an associated value; when a radiobutton is clicked, it sets the variable to its associated value. -class -compound -cursor -image -state -style -takefocus -text -textvariable -underline -width


[-command command] A Tcl script to evaluate whenever the widget is invoked. [-value Value] The value to store in the associated -variable when the widget is selected. [-variable variable] The name of a global variable whose value is linked to the widget. Default value is ::selectedButton.


In addition to the standard cget, configure, instate, and state commands, radiobuttons support the following additional widget commands: pathname invoke Sets the -variable to the -value, selects the widget, and evaluates the associated -command. Returns the result of the -command, or the empty string if no -command is specified.


The widget does not respond to user input if the disabled state is set. The widget sets the selected state whenever the linked -variable is set to the widget's -value, and clears it otherwise. The widget sets the alternate state whenever the linked -variable is unset. (The alternate state may be used to indicate a ''tri-state'' or ''indeterminate'' selection.)


widget(n), keynav(n), checkbutton(n)
widget, button, option TTK::RADIOBUTTON(3)

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