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man page of pacparser_just_find_proxy

pacparser_just_find_proxy: Finds proxy for a given PAC file, url and host.


pacparser_just_find_proxy - Finds proxy for a given PAC file, url and host.


#include <../pacparser.h> char *pacparser_just_find_proxy ( const char *pacfile, const char *url, const char *host );


const char *pacfile PAC file. const char *url URL to find proxy for. const char *host Host part of the URL.
This function is a wrapper around functions pacparser_init, pacparser_parse_pac, pacparser_find_proxy and pacparser_cleanup. If you just want to find out proxy a given set of pac file, url and host, this is the function to call. This function takes care of all the initialization and cleanup.
Proxy string on success and NULL on error.


pacparser_init(3), pacparser_parse_pac(3), pacparser_find_proxy(3), pacparser_cleanup(3), pacparser_setmyip(3), pacparser_enable_microsoft_extensions(3) PACPARSER_JUST_FIND_PROXY(3)

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