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ares_expand_string: Expand a length encoded string


ares_expand_string - Expand a length encoded string


#include <ares.h> int ares_expand_string(const unsigned char *encoded, const unsigned char *abuf, int alen, unsigned char **s, long *enclen)


The ares_expand_string function converts a length encoded string to a NUL-terminated C string. The argument encoded gives the beginning of the encoded string, and the arguments abuf and alen give the containing message buffer (necessary for the processing of indirection pointers within the encoded domain name). The result is placed in a NUL- terminated allocated buffer, a pointer to which is stored in the variable pointed to by s. The length of the encoded string is stored in the variable pointed to by enclen so that the caller can advance past the encoded string to read further data in the message.
ares_expand_string can return any of the following values: ARES_SUCCESS Expansion of the encoded string succeeded. ARES_EBADSTR The encoded string was malformed and could not be expanded. ARES_ENOMEM Memory was exhausted.


Dominick Meglio 20 Nov 2009 ARES_EXPAND_STRING(3)

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