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itu: standard telecom module


itu - standard telecom module


This chapter is dedicated to the abstract syntax notation, a subpart of the standard itu module.


AsnNode The AsnNode class is the base class used to represent the asn tree. The structure of the node is defined in ITU-T X.690 recommendation. This implementation supports 64 bits tag number with natural machine length encoding. The Canonical Encoding Rule (CER) and Distinguished Encoding Rule (DER) are defined by the class. Since ASN.1 provides several encoding schemes, the class is designed to be as generic as possible but does not provides the mechanism for changing from one representation to another although it is perfectly valid to read a DER representation and write it in the CER form. Predicate asn-node-p Inheritance Object Methods write -> none (none|OutputStream|Buffer) The write method write the asn node contents as well as the child nodes to an output stream argument or a buffer. Without argument, the node is written to the interpreter output stream. With one argument, the node is written to the specified stream or buffer. AsnEoc The AsnEoc class is is the asn object class that encodes the eoc or end-of-content primitive. This primitive is almost never used but its encoding is used with the indefinite length encoding. Predicate asn-eoc-p Inheritance AsnNode Constructors AsnEoc (none) The AsnEoc constructor creates a default asn eoc node. ITU(3)

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