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af_note: read and modify note attribute


af_note - read and modify note attribute
#include <atfs.h> in af_snote (Af_key *aso, char *buf) char *af_rnote (Af_key *aso)
af_snote sets the given text (in buf) as change note of the specified ASO. Text must be null terminated. af_snote requires a lock (see af_lock(3)) set on the specified ASO. Af_rnote returns a pointer to the note attribute of the specified ASO. The note text is returned in memory allocated by malloc(3). Use free(3) to make the space available for further allocation.


af_lock(3), free(3)


Upon error, -1 or a nil pointer (depending on the return type) is returned and af_errno is set to the corresponding error number. AF_NOTE(3)

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