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#include <tp_c.h> Public Attributes char artist [TP_ARTIST_NAME_LEN] char sortName [TP_ARTIST_NAME_LEN] char album [TP_ALBUM_NAME_LEN] char track [TP_TRACK_NAME_LEN] int trackNum int totalInSet int variousArtist int nonAlbum char artistId [TP_ID_LEN] char albumId [TP_ID_LEN] char trackId [TP_ID_LEN] char filePUID [TP_ID_LEN] char albumArtistId [TP_ID_LEN] unsigned long duration TPAlbumType albumType TPAlbumStatus albumStatus char fileFormat [TP_FORMAT_LEN] int releaseYear int releaseDay int releaseMonth char releaseCountry [TP_COUNTRY_LEN] int numPUIDIds char albumArtist [TP_ARTIST_NAME_LEN] char albumArtistSortName [TP_ARTIST_NAME_LEN]


char _metadata_t::album[TP_ALBUM_NAME_LEN] char _metadata_t::albumArtist[TP_ARTIST_NAME_LEN] char _metadata_t::albumArtistId[TP_ID_LEN] char _metadata_t::albumArtistSortName[TP_ARTIST_NAME_LEN] char _metadata_t::albumId[TP_ID_LEN] TPAlbumStatus _metadata_t::albumStatus TPAlbumType _metadata_t::albumType char _metadata_t::artist[TP_ARTIST_NAME_LEN] char _metadata_t::artistId[TP_ID_LEN] unsigned long _metadata_t::duration char _metadata_t::fileFormat[TP_FORMAT_LEN] char _metadata_t::filePUID[TP_ID_LEN] int _metadata_t::nonAlbum int _metadata_t::numPUIDIds char _metadata_t::releaseCountry[TP_COUNTRY_LEN] int _metadata_t::releaseDay int _metadata_t::releaseMonth int _metadata_t::releaseYear char _metadata_t::sortName[TP_ARTIST_NAME_LEN] int _metadata_t::totalInSet char _metadata_t::track[TP_TRACK_NAME_LEN] char _metadata_t::trackId[TP_ID_LEN] int _metadata_t::trackNum int _metadata_t::variousArtist


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