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__gnu_parallel::multiway_merge_4_variant_sentinel_switch -

man page of __gnu_parallel::multiway_merge_4_variant_sentinel_switch -

__gnu_parallel::multiway_merge_4_variant_sentinel_switch -: __gnu_parallel

__gnu_parallel::multiway_merge_4_variant_sentinel_switch - Switch for 4-way merging with sentinels turned off.
Public Member Functions RandomAccessIterator3 operator() (RandomAccessIteratorIterator seqs_begin, RandomAccessIteratorIterator seqs_end, RandomAccessIterator3 target, _DifferenceTp length, Comparator comp)


template<bool sentinels, typename RandomAccessIteratorIterator, typename RandomAccessIterator3, typename _DifferenceTp, typename Comparator>struct __gnu_parallel::multiway_merge_4_variant_sentinel_switch< sentinels, RandomAccessIteratorIterator, RandomAccessIterator3, _DifferenceTp, Comparator > Switch for 4-way merging with sentinels turned off. Note that 4-way merging is always stable! Definition at line 847 of file multiway_merge.h.


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