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__gnu_parallel::iterator_pair -: __gnu_parallel

__gnu_parallel::iterator_pair - A pair of iterators. The usual iterator operations are applied to both child iterators.


Inherits std::pair< Iterator1, Iterator2 >. Public Types typedef traits_type::difference_type difference_type typedef Iterator1 first_type typedef IteratorCategory iterator_category typedef type * pointer typedef type & reference typedef Iterator2 second_type typedef std::iterator_traits< Iterator1 > traits_type typedef void value_type Public Member Functions iterator_pair (const Iterator1 &first, const Iterator2 &second) operator Iterator2 () const type operator+ (difference_type delta) const const type operator++ (int) type & operator++ () difference_type operator- (const type &other) const const type operator-- (int) type & operator-- () type & operator= (const type &other) void swap (pair &&__p) Public Attributes Iterator1 first Iterator2 second


template<typename Iterator1, typename Iterator2, typename IteratorCategory>class __gnu_parallel::iterator_pair< Iterator1, Iterator2, IteratorCategory > A pair of iterators. The usual iterator operations are applied to both child iterators. Definition at line 44 of file iterator.h.


typedef Iterator1 std::pair< Iterator1 , Iterator2 >::first_type [inherited] first_type is the first bound type Definition at line 69 of file stl_pair.h. typedef Iterator2 std::pair< Iterator1 , Iterator2 >::second_type [inherited] second_type is the second bound type Definition at line 70 of file stl_pair.h.


Iterator1 std::pair< Iterator1 , Iterator2 >::first [inherited] first is a copy of the first object Definition at line 72 of file stl_pair.h. Iterator2 std::pair< Iterator1 , Iterator2 >::second [inherited] second is a copy of the second object Definition at line 73 of file stl_pair.h.
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