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__atomic0::atomic_address -: __atomic0


__atomic0::atomic_address - 29.4.2, address types
Public Member Functions atomic_address (void *__v) atomic_address (const atomic_address &) bool compare_exchange_strong (void *&__v1, void *__v2, memory_order __m1, memory_order __m2) bool compare_exchange_strong (void *&__v1, void *__v2, memory_order __m=memory_order_seq_cst) bool compare_exchange_weak (void *&__v1, void *__v2, memory_order __m1, memory_order __m2) bool compare_exchange_weak (void *&__v1, void *__v2, memory_order __m=memory_order_seq_cst) void * exchange (void *__v, memory_order __m=memory_order_seq_cst) void * fetch_add (ptrdiff_t __d, memory_order __m=memory_order_seq_cst) void * fetch_sub (ptrdiff_t __d, memory_order __m=memory_order_seq_cst) bool is_lock_free () const void * load (memory_order __m=memory_order_seq_cst) const operator void * () const void * operator+= (ptrdiff_t __d) void * operator-= (ptrdiff_t __d) atomic_address & operator= (const atomic_address &) volatile void * operator= (void *__v) void store (void *__v, memory_order __m=memory_order_seq_cst)
29.4.2, address types Definition at line 103 of file atomic_0.h.


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