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man page of io_queue_init

io_queue_init: Initialize asynchronous io state machine


io_queue_init - Initialize asynchronous io state machine


#include <errno.h> #include <libaio.h> int io_queue_init(int maxevents, io_context_t *ctx);


io_queue_init Attempts to create an aio context capable of receiving at least maxevents events. ctx must point to an aio context that already exists and must be initialized to 0 before the call. If the operation is successful, *cxtp is filled with the resulting handle.


On success, io_queue_init returns 0. Otherwise, -error is return, where error is one of the Exxx values defined in the Errors section.
EFAULT iocbs referenced data outside of the program's accessible address space. EINVAL maxevents is <= 0 or ctx is an invalid memory location. ENOSYS Not implemented. EAGAIN maxevents > max_aio_reqs where max_aio_reqs is a tunable value.
io(3), io_cancel(3), io_fsync(3), io_getevents(3), io_prep_fsync(3), io_prep_pread(3), io_prep_pwrite(3), io_queue_release(3), io_queue_run(3), io_queue_wait(3), io_set_callback(3), io_submit(3), errno(3). IO_QUEUE_INIT(2)

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