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man page of zlib-flate

zlib-flate: raw zlib compression program

zlib-flate - raw zlib compression program


qpdf -compress | -uncompress


The zlib-flate program is part of the qpdf package. The zlib-flate program standard from input and writes to standard output either compressing or compressing its input using raw zlib compression. This program is provided primarily as a debugging tool. It can be used to uncompress or compress raw PDF streams. This program should not be used as a general purpose compression tool. Use something like gzip(1) instead. For details about qpdf, please see the qpdf manual, which can be found in /usr/share/doc/qpdf/qpdf-manual.html or /usr/share/doc/qpdf/qpdf- manual.pdf. ZLIB-FLATE(1)

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