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man page of zeyaclient

zeyaclient: command-line client for Zeya

zeyaclient - command-line client for Zeya
zeyaclient {server-url}


zeyaclient is a minimal command-line client for Zeya. The user is prompted for a query, and all songs matching it are played. The query may be matched against the title, artist, or album of the song. While a song is playing, the user can press Ctrl+c to skip to the next song matching the query, or Ctrl+c Ctrl+c to return to the prompt.


zeyaclient was written by Phil Sung and is licensed under the terms of the GNU Affero GPL license, version 3 or later.


/usr/share/doc/zeya/README /usr/share/doc/zeya/TODO 2009-10-19 ZEYACLIENT(1)

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