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yplay: Y sound system sound object playing

yplay - Y sound system sound object playing


yplay [options] <file1> [file2] ...


Instructs the Y server to start playing the specified sound objects on file data on the Y server's VFS (virtual file system).


Specify one or more paths to sound object files on the Y server's VFS (the Virtual File System of the computer that the Y server is running on). If the specified path to the sound object file data is not an absolute path then the sound object file will be searched through the Y server's defined sound paths. To interrupt the play at any time, press ctrl+c.


-m Allow change Audio mode as needed (may cause sound objects played by other applications to be killed). -s <samplerate> Applied sample rate in Hz. -r <n> Repeat n times (-1 for infinate). -vol <left> <right> Specify volume coefficients, valid values are from 0.0 to 1.0 inclusive. -v Print verbose status messages. --recorder <address:port> Specify which Y server to connect to. --help Print help screen and exit.
0 Success. 1 General error. 2 Cannot connect to Y server error. 3 Systems error.
RECORDER Specifies the Y server <address:port> to connect to. This is a fall back if the argument --recorder is not specified.


To play the sound object file /usr/share/sounds/info.wav on the Y server's machine, type: # yplay /usr/share/sounds.info.wav To play the same sound object file infinatly and verbosly, type: # yplay -r -1 -v /usr/share/sounds.info.wav To allow yplay to change the Audio values of the Y server to best match the given sound object file data, type: # yplay -m /usr/share/sounds.info.wav




YIFF home page //wolfpack.twu.net/YIFF/ yiff(1) yaudiocd(1) yhost(1) ymixer(1) yrecinfo(1) yshutdown(1) yset(1) YPLAY(1)

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