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ydpdict: an interface for Collins and Langenscheidt dictionaries


ydpdict - an interface for Collins and Langenscheidt dictionaries
ydpdict [ options ]
ydpdict is an ncurses interface for English-Polish and Polish-English Collins dictionaries, as well as German-Polish and Polish-German Langenscheidt dictionaries, which are distributed by Young Digital Planet. ydpdict tries to load the configuration file from the following locations (reads only the first one found): 1) ~/ydpdict.conf 2) ~/.ydpdictrc 3) /etc/ydpdict.conf


-e [--eng] Starts the English-Polish dictionary (default). -p [--pol] Starts the Polish-English dictionary. -g [--ger-pol] Starts the German-Polish dictionary. -o [--pol-ger] Starts the Polish-German dictionary. -f [--path=PATH] Sets the path to data files. -c [--cdpath=PATH] Sets the path to the CD. (For audio sample files). -P [--player=PATH] Sets the path to the WAV file player. -w [--word=WORD] Starts the dictionary and translates the specified word. -A [--audio=DEVICE] Sets the default audio device. --version Displays the version of the program. -h [--help] Shows command line options.


ydpdict was written by Wojtek Kaniewski <wojtekka@toxygen.net>. Latest version can be found at //toxygen.net/ydpdict/ July 1, 2007 YDPDICT(1)

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