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man page of yagtd

yagtd: utility to help organize your to-do lists


yagtd - utility to help organize your to-do lists


yagtd [options] <file>


yagtd is invoked with the name of a text file as first and only argument. This file is used to store the to-do list. yagtd opens an interactive command-prompt for adding, managing and viewing to-do items. The command mode is described in the yagtd manual. The manual also includes a practical introduction to using yagtd.
-c, --color Activate color highlighting -q, --quiet Do not print copyright message
The yagtd manual. Installed on Debian systems in /usr/share/doc/yagtd/rest/yagtd.html. Can also be found online on the yagtd website. Website - https://gna.org/projects/yagtd/ 2008-11-30 YAGTD(1)

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