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yacpi: Yet Another Configuration and Power Interface


YACPI - Yet Another Configuration and Power Interface


yacpi [OPTION]


Yacpi is an acpi monitoring tool for Linux. It displays various acpi information like battery status, ac status and temperature. This information will be displayed in a user-friendly ncurses interface or as plain-text. It is also able to display current cpu frequency and the kernel scaling governor.


-h display help -v display version number and release date -p display as plain-text only, useful for script output for example -l loop yacpi output every second. -n display not found items (display everything you can) -d specify delay seconds for loop -b show battery information -a show ac adapter information -f show fan information -t show thermal zone information -c show cpu frequency -g show used frequency governor The default prints all available information.
q - quit yacpi r - reload acpi information h - print help screen
ACPI information is platform and system depended so please include as much information you can gather about your system like contents of /proc/acpi files, strace output or backtraces/core files.


Yacpi was written by Nico Golde <nico@ngolde.de> User Commands YACPI(1)

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