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man page of winefish

winefish: LaTeX editor

winefish - LaTeX editor
winefish [OPTION...] FILENAME


winefish is a LaTeX editor based on bluefish. It features: - autotext support - autocompletion support - command collector - multiple encodings support - custom menu to define your own tags, sets of code, and dialogs - customizable syntax highlighting based on PCRE(3) - user customizable integration of latex(1), pdflatex(1),... - custom search and replace pattern support for the custom menu - wizards for startup, tables, list and others Homepage //winefish.berlios.de //winefish.viettug.org //winefish.sourceforge.net Mailing lists winefish-devel@lists.berlios.de (development) winefish-users@lists.berlios.de (users)


winefish currently supports the following options (in alphabetical order): -l LINENUMBER Set the line number the file will be opened at. -n { 0 | 1 } Open a new window (1) or not (0). -p PROJECTFILE Open the specified project file. -s Skip root check. -h Show this help screen. -v Show the current version of winefish.


Some configuration files are loaded into $HOME/.winefish: $HOME/.winefish/autotext Store shorcuts for text, i.e. LaTeX blocks You may edit it from the autotext panel in the preferences window $HOME/.winefish/custom_menu Define the contents of the custom menu You may edit it from the Edit custom menu item $HOME/.winefish/hightlighting Define the highlighting patterns for some languages You may edit it from the highlighting panel in the preferences window $HOME/.winefish/rcfile Store most of the other settings defined in the preferences window You may modify the settings in the various panels of the preferences window $HOME/.winefish/words Store a list of tags for autocompletion You may add tags from the autoX panel in the preferences window


Starting winefish from the command line: winefish Opening a file foo in a new window at line 100: winefish -n 1 -l 100 foo Opening a project foo in the current window: winefish -n 0 -p foo.wfproject
latex(1), pdflatex(1), dvips(1), dvipdfm(1), xdvi(1), xpdf(1), gv(1), $prefix/share/doc/winefish/winefish.html
This manual page was written by Michele Garoche <michele.garoche@easyconnect.fr> for the Fink distribution as the original program does not have a manual page. But it may be used by other distributions. $LastChangedBy: kyanh $ WINEFISH(1)

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