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wiki-toolkit-rename-node: Rename a node stored in a Wiki::Toolkit instance.

wiki-toolkit-rename-node - Rename a node stored in a Wiki::Toolkit instance.
# Rename a node in a Wiki::Toolkit instance, updating internal links # and references if the formatter supports link re-writing. wiki-toolkit-rename-node --type postgres --name mywiki \ --user wiki \ --pass wiki \ --host 'db.example.com' \ --port 1234 --oldname MyOldNodeName \ --nemname FancyNewNodeName


Takes four mandatory arguments: type The database type. Should be one of 'postgres', 'mysql' and 'sqlite'. name The database name. oldname The name of the node to be renamed. newname The new name for the node. four optional arguments: user The user that connects to the database. It must have permission to create and drop tables in the database. pass The user's database password. host The hostname of the machine the database server is running on (omit for local databases). port The port number that the database server is expecting connections to.


Nick Burch


Copyright (C) 2006 Nick Burch. All Rights Reserved. This code is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.



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