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man page of whobbs

whobbs: who is online listing Utility


WhoBBS - who is online listing Utility


whobbs [remotehost [remoteport]]


WhoBBS connects to the given citserver, retrieves the list of users currently online in the system, and prints it nicely formated.


SwitchResult remotehost if the citserver lives on another box, its name / ip; else the path to the unix-domain-socket. Defaults to the compiled in unix domain socket remoteport If you want to connect to citserver via TCP specify its port here
By default userlist connects to a citadel server located at port 504
A call to userlist could look like that: .nf Users currently logged on to My System Session User name Room From host ------- ------------------------- ------------------- ------------------------ 3 Joe Blow Lobby localhost .fi


1987 - Now the Uncensored Communications Group WHOBBS(1)

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