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webmagick: create gallery thumbnails for websites


webmagick - create gallery thumbnails for websites


webmagick [OPTIONS]


WebMagick 'webmagick' recurses through directories of images and builds HTML pages and image-maps to display those images in a web browser. Options may be specified on the command line as --option or in .webmagickrc files as $opt_option. By default WebMagick processes files in the current directory. See --srcdir for a way to process files in a different directory. General: --[no]debug Print debug messages (default off) --[no]forcecache Force cached thumbnails to be generated (default off) --[no]forcehtml Force HTML files to be generated (default off) --[no]forcemontage Force montage (default off) --[no]ignorefp Ignore directories with names like _vti (FrontPage directories) (default on) --[no]help Display usage message (default off) --[no]recurse Recurse directory tree (default off) --srcdir Image directory to process --[no]verbose Tell us more ... (default off) --[no]version Print version and exit (default off) Paths: --iconpath Relative path under rootdir to webmagick icons --iconbase Global base URL for webmagick icons --prefixpath Path to prepend to generated URLs (e.g. /~username) --rootpath Absolute path to server root (NCSA DocumentRoot) Server-side imagemaps: --htimage Imagemap CGI program URL (set to '' for none) --maptype Server-side map type ("ncsa" or "cern") --[no]serversidemap Enable server-side map writting (default off) Filenames: --dirindexname Directory-name to title cross-reference file name --imgindexname Image-name to thumbnail label cross-reference file name --indexname Name of master index files (default server index) --pageindexname Base name of page-related index files --readme Name of directory info file Caching: --[no]cache Cache thumbnails (default on) --cachedir Subdirectory name to cache thumbnails in (default .cache) --cacheformat Format of cached thumbnails (default JPEG) --cachegeom Cache thumbnail geometry (default thumbgeom) --cachemin Smallest image to cache in pixels. (default 300*200) Montage: --[no]forcegif Force imagemap to be in GIF format (default off) --[no]forcejpeg Force imagemap to be in JPEG format (default off) --jpegquality Quality of JPEG imagemaps --maxgif Maximum size of GIF imagemap before trying JPEG --columns Montage columns --rows Montage rows (max) --[no]mapnetscape Map generated image files to Netscape 216-color cube (default off) --thumbbackground Montage background color --thumbframebgcolor Background color inside of Frame (unused if no Frame) --thumbborderwidth Thumbnail border width (pixels) --thumbcompose Thumbnail image composition operation (default Copy) Over, In, Out, Atop, Xor, Plus, Minus, Add, Subtract, Difference, Bumpmap, Copy, MatteReplace, Mask, Blend, Displace --thumbfont Thumbnail title font --thumbforeground Montage foreground color (effects label color) --thumbframe Geometry of frame around thumbnail (default no frame) --thumbgeometry Thumbnail geometry (widthxheight) --thumbgravity Direction thumbnail gravitates to (default Center) NorthWest, North, NorthEast, West, Center, East, SouthWest, South, SouthEast. North is up. --thumblabel Format for default thumbnail text label --thumblabelwidth Label width (in characters) to truncate to. --thumbframecolor Frame color (if thumbnail frames enabled) --thumbshadow Enable decorative shadow under thumbnail --thumbtexture Texture to tile onto the image background --thumbtransparent Transparent color --zoomfilter Zoom filter algorithm (Box/Triangle/Mitchell) HTML Colors & Appearance: --address Optional user address info --[no]anonymous Don't show WebMagick address and copyright info on pages (default off) --coloralink Link (active) color --colorback Background color (also applied to JPEG montage background) --colorfore Foreground text color --colorlink Link (unvisited) color --colorvlink Link (visited) color --dircoloralink Link (active) color (directory frame) --dircolorback Background color (directory frame) --dircolorfore Foreground color (directory frame) --dircolorlink Link (unvisited) color (directory frame) --dircolorvlink Link (visited) color (directory frame) --dirhtmlext Extension for directory frame --stylesheet URL to stylesheet (overrides other color options) --[no]date Output updates date (default on) --footer Page footer (imagemap frame) (default to </CENTER>) --header Page header (imagemap frame) (default to <CENTER>) --[no]javascript Enable JavaScript output (default off) --[no]pichtml Per-image HTML file generation (default off) --pichtmlext Per-image HTML file extension (default .html) --pichtmlbottom Per-image HTML, extra HTML to display below image (default to </CENTER>) --[no]pichtmlnav Per-image HTML, show navigation buttons (default off) --[no]pichtmlputtitle Put per-image HTML picture title (default on) --pichtmltarget Per-image HTML default frame target --pichtmltitleend End tags for per-image HTML picture title (default </P>) --pichtmltitlestart Start tags for per-image HTML picture title (default <P>) --pichtmltop Per-image HTML, extra HTML to display above image (default to <CENTER>) --[no]readmevisible Show README.html on first page rather than just linking (default off) --[no]tables Use HTML tables instead of imagemaps for thumbnails (default off) --title Page title Frame Options: --[no]frames Use frames, if no - single directory collection assumed (default on) --framemarginwidth Pixels allocated to frame margin in horizontal direction --framemarginheight Pixels allocated to frame margin in vertical direction --framebordersize Pixels allocated to frame border --frameborder Enable (YES) or disable (NO) decorative frame borders --framestyle Frame style to use (out of those available) --[no]allowconfig Allow user to configure framestyle, columns and rows (requires javascript and tables) (default off) Messages Replacement: --msg_copyright "Copyright " --msg_date_format "%B %e, %Y" (see strftime(3)) --msg_directories "Directories" --msg_directory_navigator "Directory Navigator" --msg_images "Images" --msg_index_of_directory "Index of directory" --msg_index_of_files "Index of files " --msg_index_through "through" --msg_next "Next" --msg_page_navigator "Page Navigator" --msg_page_updated_on "Page updated on" --msg_prev "Prev" --msg_produced_by "Produced by" --msg_readme "ReadMe" --msg_up "Up"
Report bugs to <clindell@users.sourceforge.net>. Visit the WebMagick web page at //webmagick.sourceforge.net/
The full documentation for webmagick is maintained as a Texinfo manual. If the info and webmagick programs are properly installed at your site, the command info webmagick should give you access to the complete manual. WEBMAGICK(1)

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