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man page of weblint

weblint: pick fluff off web pages (HTML)


weblint - pick fluff off web pages (HTML)


weblint [option...] <filename/URL>...


weblint is a Perl script which picks fluff off HTML pages. Files and URLs to be checked are passed on the command-line.
--help This message --context[=n] Show the offending line (and n surrounding lines) Error types: (default: all on) --[no]structure Structural issues, like unclosed tag pairs --[no]helper Helper issues, like missing HEIGHT & WIDTH --[no]fluff Fluff that can be removed, like bad tag attributes --only Turns off all other error types, as in --only --fluff
% weblint foobar.html ./dodgy-files/ index.html //example.com/


This basic manpage was written by Jonas Smedegaard <dr@jones.dk> for Debian GNU systems, but may be freely used elsewhere. WEBLINT(1)

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